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ZipClash is a satisfying clicker game where users receive coins from the game by upgrading planets and managing interstellar restaurants. These coins will be put into a player leaderboard, where players receive daily income based on rank. After reaching the highest rank on the leaderboard, the player will have an excellent weekly, monthly and annual income.
The main difference between ZipClash and other Idle/Clicker games is its Play-to-Earn income model and economic structure that empowers players to keep playing the game for the foreseeable future. In other famous games like Axie Infinity, the bull run of the game started facing a downfall after years of its creation, leaving many players’ expectations and investment goals unfulfilled. In this game, every player could create a lot of daily SLP, but there were few ways to use the currency. In other words, the supply surpassed the demand, which doomed the game to crash sooner or later. In ZipClash, however, the leaderboard clusters and C/S model will make it impossible to generate a higher supply than demand because the income graph of the players does not increase exponentially.
By leveraging blockchain technology and the underlying smart contract, players can earn a decent income by playing and trading their virtual assets (NFTs). Despite the growing number of new income-generating gaming models and associated work problems, the ZipClash P2E model helps many people of different ages to earn an income while at home by spending time on the game. Parents, the elderly, and the young can effectively play ZipCash games. This simplicity of playing is one of the essential features of the ZipClash game, which allows anyone to earn a decent income. **If you're ready to become a tycoon, there's no point in thinking about what you can do. So instead, download and play ZipClash now on your smartphone.

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