🌀Main Cycle of the Game

The main cycle of the game includes a list of tasks that the player must carry out; they include the followings:

  1. Upgrading the planet

  2. Automating the planet

  3. Adding a booster to a planet

  4. Upgrading planet boosters

  5. Adding a new planet to the galaxy

  6. Saving money to buy new planets and galaxies

  7. Managing boosters and activating planets

  8. Turning on the galaxies daily

  9. Entering Events and Competing with other players on making one's galaxy more profitable

  10. Playing Match3 games to upgrade planets

However, the following two tasks are for a player that is not related to the primary game cycle, but players who want to take advantage of the game market to play better and earn more can do both:

  • Adding Items to the game from the marketplace

  • Upgrade NFTs and sell them in the market

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