🤑Earning from the Game

The ways to earn income from the game are as follows:

You will receive tokens based on your rank on the leaderboard every 24 hours.

  • Build, upgrade, and sell planets and boosters in the market as NFT (non-fungible tokens)

  • Perform missions of each galaxy (Galaxical Quests / Mission List)

  • Participate in occasional intergalactic events and receive awards. In these tournaments, each player pays an entry fee to enter, and at the end of the tournament, the players who score the most points will receive outstanding token prizes.

  • Burning tokens: ZipClash incorporates a clever and practical burning mechanism in two ways. First, Players will need tokens to upgrade some special items, like adding boosters to a planet, and since they need to buy the tokens from an exchange, this will boost the burning mechanism. Secondly, tokens players pay as an entry fee for events will be burned forever. This is to increase & keep the value of the token in the long term.

Altogether, you can use these two models to make a living and secure yourself as a long-term investor in ZipClash.

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