📒Marketing Strategy

The following are our marketing plans for establishing ZipClash as a major player in the blockchain gaming space:

Massively grow the ZipClash community

We are devoted to growing the ZipClash community as much as possible through tournaments and events and active participation in global digital currency forums and games. ZipClash aims to rapidly expand its social network and transform it into an actively involved one. The importance of maintaining a strong social media presence cannot be emphasized. We will leverage the power of Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and Reddit to grow the ZipClash social media community dramatically. Finally, we have critical and comprehensive plans to further develop the game in the metaverse world and position ourselves in leading-edge technoloy.

The Role of ZIP token

ZipClash's native token, ZIP, acts as the ecosystem's engine. We will use other marketing plans, including a potent mix of:

  • Running major digital Ads

  • Large scale social media campaigns via owned and partner networks,

  • Speaking engagements,

  • Investor roadshows,

  • Referral and attractive bounty programs.

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